Kayangan Api (Eternal Fire) Bojonegoro

Kayangan Api is a source of eternal fire located in Sendangharjo Village, Ngasem District, Bojonegoro Regency, East Java, Indonesia, South East Asia. Kayangan Api is a geological phenomenon in the form of natural gas coming out of the soil through a weak zone (fracture).

Near the point of gas bursts, there is a spring that produces a pungent odor because it contains sulfur. Under these conditions, the fire that was burning in the Kayangan Api still cannot be extinguished.

That said, Kayangan Api is a hermitage of a master from the Majapahit era named Empu Supa. The master is told to do hermitage and make heirlooms at the location of Kayangan Api.

The heirloom created by Empu Supa was the Telu Blong Pok Gonjo Tall Luk Keris which was forged and burned with fire coming out of the ground. By the kingdom, Empu Supa was appointed Empu Majapahit and was given the title Empu Kriya Kusuma.

Kayangan Api is now one of Bojonegoro’s top tourist attractions that is visited by many tourists. In addition to its uniqueness, the location of Kayangan Api that is in the middle of a forest area makes it the right place to travel.

The location of Kayangan Api is about 20 km from downtown Bojonegoro, or 30 minutes away. This tourist attraction already has many facilities that are adequate and very worth visiting.

Various important ceremonies are still being carried out in this place, such as the procession of taking fire of enthusiasm during the anniversary of Bojonegoro. Kayangan Api has also been used as a fire place for the XV East Java National Sports Week (PON) in 2000.


Kayangan Api is around 45 minutes from downtown Bojonegoro. The easiest way to get there is to join a tour, or rent a car at your hotel. You can also hire motorbike services to visit this tourist location.

What can be done

One of the energies of Kayangan Api is eternal fire which is more beautiful to enjoy at dusk. You can see these unique natural phenomena while enjoying the natural atmosphere of the forest far from noise. In Kayangan Api, you can also enjoy art shows that are usually held every full moon.

Places to eat

There are small shops that sell food and drinks around the location. For more practical, you can bring lunch from home and enjoy food in “Atas Angin” attractions. Don’t forget to carry a crack bag for the trash.

Places to stay

For lodging, you can choose to stay at Aston (3*) or favehotel (2*), because the distance from the location is not too far away.

Tips and Suggestions

You can enjoy the nighttime atmosphere in Kayangan Api because this location is open 24 hours, and the road to the location is relatively smooth and equipped with street lighting. You can carry a mat or other mat if you want to sit around the center of the eternal fire while warming yourself. If you visit the day instead, bring warm clothes because the cold air on the location is quite piercing.


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